About Us

Envisioned and founded by a team of Indian Armed Forces’ veterans, “Faujipoint” aims to connect Indian military veterans, serving members and their families, to foster camaraderie among them and eventually evolve onto a powerful channel of expression advocating on issues covering the entire landscape of national interest.

We firmly believe that the Indian military community is a precious human resource, which is a living embodiment of tradition, valor, service, commitment and promise, and undoubtedly a source of inspiration for other countrymen. Faujipoint endeavors to harness the potential of this incredible asset of military community, comprising veterans and serving members who would transition as proud veterans sooner or later, by using the power of internet and social media to create a self-sustaining, cooperative and supportive ecosystem for the benefit of veterans, their families and civil society at large.

Faujipoint also incorporates features that aim to ensure that military veterans continue to be remembered, appreciated and respected for their selfless service and sacrifice, they and their family members have made on behalf of this great country.

Faujipoint invites you to join this growing dynamic and vibrant community to extend your role as model citizen of India and make a difference that matters.