Odissi Dance

Odissi form of dance is one of the oldest dance forms  known. this was originated in the indian state of orissa. it was performed by men originally in temples but over the years it transformed into a dance performed by women. This dance form was propogated by the famous dancers Kelucharan Mohapatra, Gangadhar Pradhan, Pankaj Charan Das, Deba Prasad Das and Raghunath Dutta. the dance pieces are mainly for lord Jagannath. The description of Odissi is found in Natya Shastra, the ancient Hindu Sanskrit text of performance arts. There are a total of 28 single hand gestures and 24 double hand gestures.The basic dance units described in Natyashastra, all 108 of them, are identical to those in Odissi. There are mainly three positions in odissi :

1. Samabhanga

2. Abhanga

3. Tribhanga

Personally I have been pursuing this dance form for almost 3 years and I really enjoy it. This form of dance is not only beautiful to watch but also to dance, so I hope that people start dancing to stay healthy and also for their pleasure.


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